WE VISITED THE EXHIBITION AT METAVERSE! | Akbank 40th Contemporary Artists Award Exhibition


As Hardware Plus, we toured the Akbank 40th Contemporary Artists Award Exhibition in the metaverse world! Details of the exhibition prepared in the metaverse formation called Spatial are in our video! Note: This content has been prepared with the support of Akbank Art. To visit the exhibition; https://hwp.to/AkbankSanat

Akbank 40th Contemporary Artists Award Exhibition is organized in cooperation with the Painting and Sculpture Museums Association and Akbank Art, in order to support developments in the field of contemporary art and support young artists. 20 works selected as a result of the evaluations of the jury members will meet art lovers at Akbank Sanat and Akbank Sanat Metaverse platform between June 1 and July 30, 2022. OPEN CARD Open Card is the title and conceptual framework of the Akbank 40th Contemporary Artists Award Competition. On its 40th anniversary, instead of inviting artists with a curatorial theme, it offered a clear proposal to students and young artist candidates who work and produce in Turkey. He invited artists to share their artistic practices, discourses and stances in an environment where they feel free. The Open Card exhibition is a polyphonic exhibition with many different artist positions. Whether it is because they reflect the spirit of the time or because they are fed from the point of view of the selection committee, the works in the exhibition establish a strong conceptual and artistic relationship with each other. Although they are produced in different media, most of the works of art are related to nature and humanity, natural and artificial dualities, based on language. The effect of recent events is evident in the artists’ focus on loneliness, anxiety and competence. Open Card brings together the stances and discourses of 22 artists in two exhibition layouts. Along with the physical exhibition that has been held for 40 years, an exhibition is also held in Metaverse for the first time this year. Thus, Akbank 40th Contemporary Artists Award Exhibition takes place as a double exhibition. The two exhibitions are designed to complement each other, rather than being the same. Artists Ahmet Berkin Günsay, Alara Başar, Ali Kanal, Begüm Çelik, Betül Sertkaya, Buğra Erol, Cemil Olgun Can, Dilara Başköylü, Elif Özen, Emre Çalış, Ferhat Tunç, Gizem Candan, İrem Sezer, Lalin Mercan, Nazif Can Akçalı, Oğuz Gököz, Özlem Cibir, Özlem Köse, Rıdvan Aşar, Sümeyra Çetin, Yasemin Kaplan, Zülkif Esin Curator Fatoş Üstek Jury Members Çelenk Bafra, Derya Bigalı, Fatoş Üstek, Gönül Nuhoğlu, İpek Duben Exhibition date: 1 June – 30 July 2022 #Akbank Sanat # ContemporaryArt #AkbankGünümüzArtistsCompetitionExhibition #Collaboration To JOIN HWP Family; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyZR2GDbjO7-iBxdTH4V_IQ/join
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