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Why Crypto Market Is Going Down

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Why is crypto going down after doing better than expected over the past two years? Many experts are asking this question right now. Bitcoin’s volatility is causing a lot of uncertainty in the crypto market, making investors uncertain about what to do with their money.

So The Question Is What is causing the crypto market to go down? And will it continue to slide?

Bitcoin is the most popular type of cryptocurrency. Most price movement in the market is based on how well Bitcoin does.

For example, most altcoins (other cryptocurrencies) become more volatile when Bitcoin drops. This can happen because of things like negative press or government crackdowns.

Bitcoin is currently trading at around $30,000 after reaching an all-time high of $68,789.63 in 2021. So why has the value of crypto gone down so quickly after many digital currencies have been reaching new highs recently?

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