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Markets: Volatility Down, Natural Gas Still High, Will Crypto Recover?

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This week we witnessed a general decrease in volatility, especially in short-term volatility.

Other important events include:
⬇️ Decline in Crude Oil-related energy futures (Gasoline and Heating Oil) ⬇️
⬆️ Natural Gas continues to rise⬆️
⬇️ Drop in Wheat and Grain Futures ⬇️

Watch the video to learn about all the details!

Andrea Unger here, full-time Trader since 2001 and the only 4-time World Trading Champion.

Thanks to these accomplishments I am often invited to speak at conferences in Europe, the USA, Asia, and Australia.
I am the author of several books, including the first in Italian about Risk Management in Trading, also translated into Chinese and English.

Through decades of experience, trials, victories, and defeats, I created the UNGER METHOD™: a scientific, systematic, replicable, and universal method with which, since 2015, thousands of traders have managed to become autonomous.

In fact, you may know that studies show that only 25% of traders make money, but 90% of these do it with systematic trading…
Why then do trainers almost always teach discretionary trading?

Becoming a trader is harder than you think. However, if you have passion, will, and sufficient capital, you’ll learn how to code and develop effective strategies, manage risk, and diversify a portfolio of trading systems to greatly improve your chances of becoming successful.

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