The Future of the Metaverse by Year 2100 (Timeline)


What is the Metaverse and what is the future of it and NFTs? I’ll talk about the future timeline of the Metaverse and list some potential innovations to expect. In this video I’ll show you how the metaverse will progress over the years, because it’s just getting started 😱 Each one of these metaverse innovations ideas have their own unique upsides and downsides. These cryptos, technology, NFTs, and hardware innovations have the potential to make millionaires. This is the future of business!

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👋 My name’s Logan, founder of Plai, marketing, NFTs, investing, crypto, blockchain, gaming, and the metaverse of some of my favorite topics! Snow Crash, Dune, and Ready Player One are some of my favorite books! I just went through Y Combinator and I’m here to keep you updated on the future of business.


  1. And the proof of this is some bullshit article i read on bing man they really ruined vr after Facebook changed it named they act liek things are just brand new like vrchat which is exactly what a metaverse is (but with a toxic community) has existed for years

  2. Once we are able to download minds we will be able to create variations. Meta clones. It would be interesting to have a conversation with yourself or rather a different version of yourself..

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