Study in Switzerland? Visa requirement, Part time salary, jobs after study?

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Financial requirement for a Visa, Student part time, post study options, likelihood of getting a Job after study etc. is explained in this video.

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  1. Is the 10 years mentioned is continuous? Does that means that we can't come to india between those 10 years?

  2. Hey..Can we go to Swiss for higher studies for example 2 years,and get back to native after completion of study and then go back to Switzerland for job? Or for getting PR ,should we need to stay there for 10 years?

  3. Hey, nice information… I am already a masters in pharmacology and I am thinking of doing M.Sc in pharmacy from ETH Zurich… Money is alright, because I have already been working for 7 years. The only thing is that I am in my early thirties. What do you think are my chances of getting a student visa? And what could be the answer for this question that I am already a postgraduate, then why do I want to study again in Switzerland? Could you please guide?

  4. Hello I was accepted to study at university of zurich my problem is that open a bank account for taking student visa because swiss bank hasn't a branch in Uzbekistan
    Please help me step by step
    In advance Thank you for your response
    I am looking forward to take

  5. Hi,sir💕
    Kindly share me what's the critaria
    about (admission procidure)study medicin in switzerland(german taught) for international studends(non-eu citizen) ?? sat/act exam.eccepted for
    admission ??💎🙏

  6. Haloo
    I have citizenship of India country but right now I live in Singapore
    I have received the offer letter for Geneva University Law for MIDS LLM addmission for Double Degree program with NUS for September intake so can you help me with visa filing

  7. Hello, i am working within Jp morgan in Poland and have 4 years experience in Finance and Accounting.I have Master Diploma from Polish University.I would like to move to Zurich and i am 28 years old.The only way i can do it is to apply fro Master Studies in Zurich.As i am from Azerbaijan i need to study in order to get the work permission in European countries.Please kindly advise if its real to stay after studies in Zurich and get a job in Banks or earn a money i this country? Thank you in advance!

  8. i have received a scholarship by amount of 31,000CHf but still i am left with 29,000CHF for the year do i have to accept the offer or leave it ? and also am i paying the left tuition at once or by the semesters

  9. Which website did you mention to check out the job market?
    Also do you have any idea about the scope of psychology in Switzerland.
    And can english language help us to survive there?

  10. Hello. I have a question. I have done my interview last week. I haven't got the reference number. How much time will take to give the ref number after the interview?!.

  11. Hi Thanks for the informative video..Can you please recommend any language which will be highly benefical to learn for future jobs in Switzerland?

  12. Helloo…I'm tulsi I faced rejection for uk dependent and student visa as well…can I opt for Switzerland? If yes then which consultancy will be good?

  13. Bhaiya, I'm planning to take up an undergraduate course in university of Zurich, specifically in economic. As far as i know, no exams ate required for entrance there. Bt I've tried hard to apply to the course by myself and it's not happening

  14. Suppose I get a msc scholarship for accommodation, tution fee and stipend. In that case , do I supposed to show 21000 Franks? For visa requirements

  15. I am moving to Switzerland soon for masters degree. If to be honest you made me disappointed. I was expecting more 😟 (about work). I don't know what to do now!

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