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🚨 GPU Price MELTDOWN Coming! 🚨 September GPU Prices Update | Best GPU For Gaming

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GPU Prices Going Down! September GPU Price Update
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September GPU Price Update 2022! GPU Prices going down to MSRP! GPU Prices drop to MSRP and the market is finally normal in 2022. We review the major changes including used and new GPU Prices, NVIDIA’s RTX 4000 series launch delay, why graphics card prices are going down, and upcoming AMD Radeon RX 7000 series launch. Cryptocurrency GPU mining demand, particularly Ethereum GPU Mining, has been driving GPU prices to insane levels way above MSRPs BUT a Crypto Crash and impending Ethereum merge which will end GPU Mining has seen a massive GPU Price drop. Supply continues to pour in, which see GPU Prices going down to MSRP and virtually every model of graphics card price go down. With GPU Prices going down to normal, is it time to buy now or wait? We review New and Used GPU Prices, GPU Launch news, and whether to buy a GPU now or wait. It’s a great time with the GPU price drop. We also review the Best GPU for Gaming right now, including the Best graphics card for the money such as the best GPU under $200, best budget GPU, best 1440p GPU, and best 4K GPU. Overall if you are looking to find out when graphics card prices go down to MSRP, this is our monthly update. #PCGaming #PCBuild #gpu

0:00 GPU Prices About To Get Crushed!
0:34 Amazing ARGB Cooler!
1:09 Current GPU Prices – 6900 XT
1:44 Huge drop on this GPU
2:10 More Price Drops on this 440p GPU
2:40 AMD Retiring This Budget GPU?
3:32 Best Value GPU gets better
3:56 NVIDA GPU Prices – RTX 3090
4:25 Is NVIDIA Trolling on These GPU Prices?
5:00 RTX 3070 & 3060 Ti GPU Price
5:39 RTX 3060 – NVIDIA Hates Us
6:15 RTX 3050 Price
6:40 NVIDIA Budget GPU Prices
7:18 GPU Prices crazy, but…..
7:35 My Response to JayzTwoCents Video
8:11 NVIDIA’s Anti-Consumer Behavior
8:47 Why NVIDIA is a GPU Monopoly
9:17 NVIDIA’s Market Share Will SHOCK You
9:47 Why GPU Prices are ACTUALLY High
10:30 CHEAP GPU Flood Incoming!
11:16 GPU Mining Ends NOW
11:45 What Happens when GPU Mining ENDS
12:36 How Many Used GPUs Coming?
13:30 $200 Used RTX 3090s Coming?
13:59 Why RTX 4000 Prices Might Come Down
14:35 Best GPUs for the Money In September 2022
15:02 Best GPU under $200
15:41 Best High FPS 1080p GPU
16:13 Best 1440p GPU
16:41 Best 4K GPU
17:19 Should You Buy NOW or WAIT?
18:02 How Long Until GPU Prices Crash?
18:38 GPU Miners LOST Money on Mining!
19:00 Advice for High End Buyers
19:30 CRAZY Times Are Coming
19:50 Best 1440p Gaming Monitor 2022

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