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Hi guys! I am very excited to go LIVE today and discuss working in Canada as an international student. I have 4 panel members with me today, including myself and we will be sharing our experiences as students working part-time in Canada. I will be joined by Mc (@SLE Canada), Jayson (@JaysonJim) and Melanie (@Melanie on Demand). SO excited and stocked for this collab on my Youtube channel (@rrdancel).

Get INSIDER INFO on our experience working in Canada as International Students. We will be tackling the following topics:

  1. Introduction 11:26
  2. Part-time jobs as a student 18:37
  3. Applying for Part-time Jobs 38:28
  4. Money-related questions about work 01:10:32
  5. Do you think that working part-time as a full-time student will be enough to cover living and tuition expenses in Canada? 01:34:05
  6. Helpful Tips 01:44:40
  7. Answering Questions from Viewers / Q&A Time 02:05:21

DISCLAIMER: We want to inform everyone that we are NOT Immigration Consultants or Immigration Lawyers. We cannot give legal advice on your immigration application. We will be more than happy to give our two cents on it, but nothing more 😁 We’ll do our best to help as much people as we can from our experiences as we genuinely have your best interest at heartπŸ’•

Life as a Filipino Immigrant in Canada (20 FAQs):
5 Common Misconceptions Immigrating to Canada:
Steps on How I Applied for a Study Permit:
How to Immigrate to Canada as a Permanent Resident:
What I Wish I Knew Before Coming to Canada:

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  1. Hi do you have knowledge if an international student can work as a freelancer like in Upwork. Is the total hours working as a freelancer limited to the 20 hours required for students? Is it going to be taxed?

  2. @Rrdancel hi komusta?, im have a question about you just graduated your college at pino right then journey to canada again, then what is your parents responses when you said wanna goes canada? Thank you

  3. I love watching you guys! More collabs for the aspiring international students like me. Lumalakas po loob ko pag napapanood ko kaung apat! Thank you for your help! Silent subscriber here! Hopefully makita ko po kau lahat once nakafile na ako and asa Canada na, Stay safe po mga mam and sir! 😊

  4. Hi guys, I just love you all. I started binge watching all your channels and am inspired. Thank you for sharing all this valuable information.

  5. Hi, is it possible for an international student to get a part time office job (receptionist, customer service rep, front desk)? Or is this uncommon? Thanks.

  6. Hi! Love your videos! Very informative. just a quick question:

    1. Will my PR application will affect if my part time job as a student is not ralated into the student's program?

    my 2nd question is for MC.
    She mentioned on melanie's live video that she took Fast track in her program. My question is, Is it difficult to study in terms of managing ur time? because fast track is a continues program and does not have vacation.

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