Part time income with rapido || Rapido captain salary || रैपीडो पार्ट टाइम जॉब

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Part time income with rapido
Rapido captain salary
Rapido part time job
Rapido one day earning
Rapido captain earning

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  1. Last year in pune my uncle started doing rapido in covid time for income , rto police booked his ride and took him to police station and seized his bike, he had all his bike documents still his bike seized and was told to pay 36000 rs to realise his bike not only him many other rapido riders bike are seized who is responsible for that.

  2. Dangerous Job Ever I had Experienced.

    Doing Contract Job in Rapido is full of Highly Risk. Accident and Death may be occur anytime.
    Income from Rapido is just failing to survival for Life
    After Riding more than 80km. Rapido Rider's will earn around ₹500 – 600 only.

    Even you are in dangerous state because App need your location and Microphone access.

    You got your order within 2-5 km range.
    It means on every 10+ rides you can't get money for 20+ km. Ride.

    Risk of Life

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