My experience of Part Time Food Delivery…New Part-Time Job at College….Story-time

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  1. Salil ji one question, when you going to deliver somewhere, usually where you park your vehicle(Specially at commercial and crowded area) I understand sometime parking not allow exactly at the destination . if you park far then have to walk a lot , or need to pay parking fee or sometime need to spend a lot of time to find the parking …. is it ? or can park anywhere on the road for few minutes ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Sir jee can you Plz update abt Early CHILDHOOD education course in Cambrian Collage ….Is tht in DLI list or not …how long would be the course…will they give letter to ( 35 to 40) age group for ths course

  3. Hi sir, I am coming on study permit and trying for my spouse and kids visa, can u guide for kids visa do we need to select study permit or visit visa as it is askg for LOA if selecting study plz rply

  4. Thank you for sharing your experiences. your videos are pretty informative with genuine useful tips. You sound like a professional youtuber minus the loud music, shaky camera . That's really good presentation. Please keep up the good work. Im myself planning to relocate to Canada as a mature student.

  5. Your videos are authentic, informative and real. You talk blunt and I like that about your channel. Please be safe while driving on the highway. You are such a hardworking man. All the best. My whole family knows for sure that your gonna be successful in Canada.

  6. Sir following u r channel since last 6 months u r doing sort of community service god bless u.plz provide me u r mail id have some queries form u plzzzzzz

  7. Sir Cambrian College kesa hea for international students sir mane kafi Google reviews read kity ache nhi hea sir apko to personal experience ho gyea hea to bs reply kre aur sir jha house rent kitna pdh jata hea pls reply sir pls ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  8. Sir, i earlier filed PR application in 2019, it got expired automatically as my file was not picked, now i am applying for Study visa, do i need to mention dual intent in SOP or not, whether i shud file spouse visa along with my visa as i m in age bracket of 35-40?

  9. Thankyou Kumar Salil Sir, It appears that you have struggled a lot in your life and since you are very good human being and wanted to help people with your videos, Almighty helped you to get into your dream destination at 44. May God bless you always.

  10. Sir , ECA from ICES says – " One-year master degree" …So is this equivalent to Canadian master degree ? can we get CRS score for masters with this ECA ?

  11. Thank you very much for your time and useful important information regarding Canada ni life fantastic video very nice and so informative sir your vlog is so interesting and useful for us and my family members I like it very much I waiting for your new video once again thank you very much best' wished from Gujarat Kheda Nadiad

  12. I got my ppr request today. I filed my visa on myself. There was a time when I got demotivated because many college refused my applications because of educatiin gap and UoW put my file on hold because seats are full. But then youtube recommends me your channel and i sent an email to cambrian for further info about the course. Your honest opinions and suggestions motivated me a lot..

    The three youtube channels which helped me during my journey are
    1. Pathways to Canada- For college selection and motivating the veteran students who have higher gaps
    2. Rajveer Chahal- For recent update and important info about current process and status of student visa.
    3. Envisioning Canada- used to know about process and SOP

    Thanks again for all the videos. Keep motivating and sharing your experience

  13. Sir is it worth going to canada at age of 42 on study visa? You have yourself gone at life harder or easier than India? In case one doesnt have funds now and take education loan to come, is it still worth it? Pls reply.

  14. Hi Salil, this is great information as always. I had sent you an email, not sure if you had a chance to look at it. Need a little help, if you can review it'll be great…

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