Microsoft Metaverse vs Facebook Metaverse | Metaverse Microsoft vs Facebook #Meta #Mesh


A few days ago, social networking giant Facebook changed its brand name to Meta in a bid to advance plans to build a metaverse for consumers and businesses. Now, Microsoft has also joined the metaverse wars, building virtual worlds inside its collaborative office software Teams. On October 28, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at the live-streaming virtual reality broadcast and augmented reality (Facebook Connect) conference that his company has officially changed its name to Meta, through augmented and Virtual reality software-powered devices to enjoy immersive digital experiences, focusing on building a virtual reality shared environment. Unlike Meta’s metaverse vision, instead of controlling the metaverse itself, Microsoft wants to connect the different metaverses. 1 Microsoft announced that starting in 2022, it will directly implant the virtual experience collaboration platform Mesh into Teams to create its own metaverse. 2 Microsoft Teams will get new 3D avatars to advance the metaverse environment, and users won’t need to wear a VR headset to use them. 3 In the virtual space within Teams envisaged by Microsoft, people can play online games and socialize, and even collaborate on projects using Microsoft apps. #microsoftmetaverse#facebookmetaverse#metaverse microsoft vs facebook #microsoft metaverse vs facebook metaverse #Meta #Mesh #FacebookMeta #microsoftMesh microsoft metaverse vs facebook metaverse | Metaverse Microsoft vs Facebook #Meta # Mesh

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