Metaverse is on the cover of TIME


TIME Magazine, which has more than 40 million readers, made the headline “The metaverse will change everything” in its latest issue, made the cover of the metaverse and talked about it in its inner pages… Because… According to Gartner, 25% of people in 2026 will have jobs will spend at least one hour a day on the metaverse for shopping, education, social and/or entertainment… Yes, you heard right, an hour! (

And TIME, which takes this information and the situation seriously, is very active in the crypto world, like all other institutions. Namely, TIME Magazine accepts cryptocurrencies for online subscriptions. Çoktaan has auctioned three of its covers as NFT. One of the largest investment companies in crypto, Grayscale, has signed an agreement to publish a tutorial video series. He started to keep Bitcoin in his balance sheet… In addition, Mark Zuckerberg, who made Metaverse, which has been known as terminology and technology for 30 years, but which no one touched, made the whole world’s agenda by making the whole company name Meta in a few months, and that there will be 1 billion people in the metaverse at the end of the next ten years. says that each person will spend at least $100 to purchase content and digital products… Finally, I think you know, commercial activity in Metaverse and NFT is possible with cryptocurrencies. It is bear season and governments have yet to comply with regulations etc. Although the trust in crypto assets has eroded as of now, we are now completely sure that; The future will come if and only when we move to a new financial and decentralized system with crypto. I don’t know if I could explain it as a futurist? Well what more can I say? #futurist #ufuktarhan #timemagazine #cryptoassets #metaverse #nft

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