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Metaverse: Comparison of the Three Best Projects! 🔥 The Metaverse continues to emerge as a new culture. This technology has quickly become entrenched in our daily lives, the public and businesses have recently increased their interest in the Metaverse and projects spanning various virtual assets. Today we’re going to compare the three biggest Metaverse projects, Decentraland, The Sandbox and Axie Infinity, they relate to the Metaverse in different ways, and it’s interesting to see what sets them apart! || Sponsor || JPEGvault aims to be the largest, most inclusive community organization in Web 3 and the NFT world. The $JPEG token will be available for purchase from March 23 on the DEX Trader Joe on Avalanche. Official site :
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DEX : (search for the $JPEG token) || timestamp || 00:00 – Intro 00:54 – JPEGVault 03:34 – Why this comparison? 04:11 – Quick presentation 06:26 – Comparison of Platforms 07:55 – Ecosystem 10:52 – Tokenomics 11:30 – Other Metaverse 12:03 – Conclusion If you liked the video, I really count on you to like and share the video with the greatest number! ————————————————– ———- Disclaimer: All content provided in any of my social channels / videos / post / podcast and any other type of communication is for entertainment purposes only. Do your research and talk to a financial adviser before making a decision. ————————————————– ———- #METAVERSE #DECENTRALAND #SANDBOX #AXIEINFINITY #INVEST #CRYPTO #TRAVELER #ETHEREUM #BITCOIN

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