Masters in UK💙or Germany❤️|| part time jobs & job oppurtunities comparision||

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Hi friends,
I can strongly say, This video helps you to understand the difference b/w UK & Germany

0:00 2:32 Short phone conversation
2:32 3:47 intro
3:47 8:10 Part time jobs & Masters process
8:10 13:10 Job oppurtunities
13:10 16:40 conclusion

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  1. Great I info and seems accurate , thanks for sharing your well done research. Please do a video on scholarship for Germany and how to apply.

  2. hi bro, thanks for making this video.
    i am planning to do masters in aerospace in Germany , as per my research i got to know TUM MUNICH offers the best program for aerospace in Germany. if possible can you make a video on masters in aerospace in Germany which can help us to know more about job opportunities there.

  3. Bro Naku, 10th and inter lo 90%+ undhi kani IELTS lo score 6 vachindhi moreover speaking lo 5.5 that's what my problem is.. with this least ielts score (speaking 5.5) can i get admission? in Germany mechanical Universites

  4. Hi Ravi garu

    I want to study in rural areas of Germany since I don't know which places are rural in Germany could you pls tell me some Villages in Germany so that I can apply for near by universities.

    Thank you in advance

  5. Bro UK lo masters chesi schegen countries lo jobs techukovadam possible ah
    And UK lo masters chesi USA or Canada ki velle daniki chance unda
    Not for all
    I'm asking low grade students who having 65-69% in btech

  6. bro, I'm not sure miru idhi epudu record chsaro, but there are certain articles and international news stating 1.6 million jobs kaali ga unnayi Ani, so e moment lo better antara miru? uk lo? idhi clarify chyandi
    naku Cardiff University lo seat vachindi ninne
    so thinking (my earlier plan is to go for Germany, but low grades, and then switched to Canada still same case) mi honest opinion chpandi 1 year agi Canada vellala ledha Cardiff select chskovala anedhi

  7. Nenu engineering late ga join ianu nadi complete ina time ki naku 25 ochastundhi nenu masters chasta better lada job chasina taravata masters chasta better a

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