How you can Pay Tuition With Part-time Jobs In The UK

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Tuition with part-time jobs in the UK

Welcome to this video on How you can Pay Tuition With Part-time Jobs In The UK

Hey guys,
Happy new month! it has been a minute. In today’s video, I answer one of the common questions people ask before starting their masters here in the UK. They are incredible points and I hope you find them helpful. Enjoy this guide on How you can Pay Tuition With Part-time Jobs In The UK

✰ Time Stamps ✰
00:00 – 01:48 Introduction
02:41 – 03:36 Pay as much as you can before arriving
03:38 – 04:26 Consider two years programs
04:28 – 06:27 Scholarships & Affordable Universities
08:29 – 11:25 Utilise Holidays / arrive before resumption
11:27 – 12:40 Tuition payment plans
12:50 – 13:36 Dependents are an asset
13:40 – 23:08 The hard truths you must prepare for
23:10 – 13:42 Outro

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  1. i looove your videos soo much❣…….So i applied to NTU engineering management for January 2023 start and I haven't gotten a response from them. keeping my fingers crossed🤞. Hoping to apply for the scholarship when its open too. Wish me luck!

  2. I could feel the seriousness of the situation whenever you sighed😂😂. As if you're holding back from shouting in proper Nigerian fashion. Thanks for the video.

  3. I don’t usually comment but just had to say I really admire you Cookie and your channel is really aesthetically pleasing lol
    ✅Video Quality

    You always look so good in your videos and always deliver 👌

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