How to Invest your first 1 Lakh in Crypto?

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In this video, Pratik Shigli (Vivan) explains how one can start their crypto investment journey with an initial investment of INR 1,00,000. With every allocation, we have given a brief explanation about why are we allocating that particular percentage to certain projects.

Below are some important takeaways from the video:

  • Importance of diversification
  • How to invest?
  • Where to invest?
  • Which platform do we use for investing?

0:00 – Introduction
0:44 – How to Invest in Crypto?
0:52 – What is Lumpsump Investing?
1:12 – What is DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) / RCA (Rupee Cost Averaging)?
2:56 – Where to Invest?
3:10 – How much to invest in Bitcoin?
3:28 – What is an ideal way to invest in this project?
3:41 – How much to invest in Ethereum?
4:16 – Investing in Defi projects
4:31 – Two types of Defi projects
4:53 – Analogy between Decentralised Exchanges and Centralised Exchanges
5:45 – Investing in Ethereum competitors
6:14 – Investing in NFT Projects
6:43 – What to do with the remaining 5%?
6:52 – Shitcoins & Memecoins Allocation
7:07 – Summary
7:29 – Which platform to use while Investing?
7:40 – Disclaimer

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