How to get Part-Time Jobs in Thunder Bay | Earning money as an International student | Jagmeet Sidhu

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Hi Guys, It was one of the requested videos. In this, I have shared tips and tricks to find part-time jobs in a city like Thunder Bay. In this video, I have shared the type of part-time jobs available, and you can get these jobs and manage time with studies.

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  1. Hello brother. Just wanted to ask that is Uber eats has same importance/opportunity like SKIP the dishes ? Like can I earn same or almost similar amount in Uber eats if compared to SKIP the dishes.
    PLEASE brother reply. I will come by January in Thunder Bay. I need this reply brother.

  2. Bhai Video was very helpful and great. I DM you the same question but I think you were not able to answer it but this video helped to get my query solved. Thank you brother.

  3. How is the university . Is it a good uni and worth studying. Even reputation wise after completing the course in the desired field and getting field job

  4. Brother I wanna come to leakhed university..My bsc cgpa 3.03..Computer science..I am interested course based programme.Pls tell me total cost for two years and part-time job facilites?

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