How the Church Can Glorify God in the Metaverse – BMCFerrell Webinar


The Church is called to minister in all spheres of life, including the virtual world. In this video, we explore how the Church can glorify God in the metaverse and use this new platform for evangelism and discipleship. Our host and CEO, Ben Ferrell interviewed 6 guest speakers – Dr. Mike Mathews, VP, Innovation & Technology at ORU; Jesupelumi Wickliffe, Chief Digital Strategist at ORU; Ian Utile, Futurist & CEO at; Sean Cline, VP of Business Development & Production at BMCFerrell; Frankie Cortez, Metaverse Engineer at BMCFerrell; and Joycelyn Russell, Digital Marketing Coordinator at BMCFerrell.

0:00 Introduction
4:40 What is the Metaverse?
21:00 How Does the Metaverse Fit Into the Landscape of New Technology?
31:01 What Opportunities Does the Metaverse Present to Churches?
34:18 What Challenges Must the Church Overcome to Utilize the Metaverse?
38:15 How Can Churches Use the Metaverse to Reach People for Christ?
40:42 What Resources Are Available to Help Churches Get Started in the Metaverse?
41:51 BMCFerrell Metaverse Development Packages
49:32 Questions
52:54 Conclusion

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