How much I made working part-time as an international student

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Many of you have asked me, “How much money did you make as an international student working part-time?” and “Will working part-time pay for my tuition and living expenses?”

In this video, I hope to answer that question and also share some important lessons and tips I learned while working in Canada while I was in school. Enjoy!

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0:50 My part-time jobs
3:27 What I would have done differently
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  1. दामी दामी😊! कोरियाको बरेमा informative र vlog हेर्न मन भए यत हाजिर हौँ है🇰🇷🇳🇵

  2. This video exactly describes what I do to pay my bills, I work part-time as a remote math tutor, the pay is pretty nice, slightly above minimum wage in Ontario, on top of that, I also have a on-campus teaching assistant job that pays whopping ~$33 per hour. Combine those with the funding that my grad school has, I can pay everything (although still, I need to live paycheck to paycheck and I live in smaller city with cheaper living cost).

  3. Do not sacrifice your cumulative GPA for temporary financial gain. It you can't keep up with CGPA, reduce your working hours. In group projects, working part-time is not an excuse for not carrying your own weight and showing up for meetings.

  4. Hi Rachel, Thanks for this informative video. What is the start day to consider working in a week? Thanks

  5. thank you so much for always providing an informative videos..
    can i request about ECA thru WES, i hope you'll notice me. Thank you and God bless ♥️♥️

  6. Hey Richel, it's impossible here especially in Quebec as I tell you as a Mcgill university student currently studying engineering that international students by working part time or full time could barely enough to pay their full cost of tution. International students fees is insane,and the mcgill cost of studies incase if you know is 70000 CAD$( tuition plus living expenses)a year for fall and winter excluding summer and think of your self for 4yrs undergraduate degree what will it be ?Here if u want to study without showing a humongous amount of money ur study permit will not be approved. I remember back in 2018 ,when I ask one foreign student on his letter of purpose he showed for IRCC 100000CAD$ proof of fund that his study permit got approved. Inaddition, most of the international students I met so far at mcgill are way far rich which most of them came from U.S.A,Europe,South Korea and China that their country currency as you know is powerful than the Canadian dollar. For instance,1usd to 1.3 cad dollar and many also have special privilege that their home country grant them sufficient loan that once they complete their studies need to pay it back. When it comes to scholarship I haven't seen so far that Canadian universities grant fully funded scholarship for international students which is really rare and mostly those kind of scholarships exist for PhD and masters as for the undergraduate even let's say ur brilliant student back home, they only grant you entrance scholarship averaging 5000cad$ which is nothing compared to the cost I listed you on the top. Don't forget that Canadians are always hungry and dependent on foreign student money_ as we are cash cows_ in building their GDP,but they do not see us on our mind,intellect or skill. Also, think about it Richel we international students helped reduce canada's skilled labor shortage,filled many jobs and pay immense taxes contributing to the country economy,but were treated as a slave by paying 9 times of what canadians pay back when we were in the university. Still doesn't make sense if you see from this perspective and if I get the opportunity🥰😍 I will campaign against this towards Justin Trudeau in helping international students easing of their financial, emotional and academic burden and focus on their studies on becoming successful. Likewise,You see richel the Canadian government wants to bring in immigrants who can contribute economically,but there are some brilliant 🧠 brains and intellect out there especially for those developing nations who are never given a chance to have a quality education to study and potentially thrive here.
    If canada wants to build its economy on foreigners, they should utilize on people's intellect and mind rather than money!!!! Last but not least I have no intention and a great aspirant on becoming permanent resident here in canada why would I ? Why I use my skill in helping this freaking foreign country to thrive instead I return back to my home country use my mcgill engineering skill and help my country thrive instead of them!!!!😡😡😡😡

  7. Before watching this video, I wanna say that I've been following you since one year ago and I really appreciate what you doin'. I have leant many things and I am prepared to move on with much more confidence, but please do not make repeated content. AND NO WORKING PART-TIME WILL NOT COVER YOUR TUTION FEES In despite the fact that you have to fill a tax invoice on your income as well.

  8. Thank you for the details.. very informative.. How about vlogging? If you’re earning as a vlogger, will that count as off-campus work?

  9. Amazing Tips…. Thank you so much for being so clear and precise <3 Keep up the good work… Love your vlogs… Informative and on point…. Looking forward for more and more content…. Cheers!!!

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