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Assalam O Alaikum..! I hope everything will be fine with you.
Am very pleased to see you here.

_____________/ABOUT VIDEO_____________
This video is all about Trading & Cryptocurrency.
Basically in this video, we will discuss
MEXC Exchange that how this exchange is beneficial for
beginners as well as experienced traders.
How to make an account on mexc exchange
Mexc exchange complete guide in Urdu
useful features for crypto trading
How to buy top mover crypto coins
How to buy top gainer coins
How to buy top loser coins
How to Find top mover crypto coins
How to Find top gainer coins
How to Find top loser coins

_____________/ABOUT CHANNEL_____________
This channel is all about cryptocurrency. In this channel,
I have started a crypto basic to advanced course for beginners
in the Urdu language. In this, I will cover all the topics that are
important for a crypto guy.
I upload 3 videos on daily basis,

1) 10:00AM(PAKISTAN Time):
In which I mainly cover the educational content
mainly related to cryptocurrency & trading.
All the content is premium and free for everyone.

2) 4:00PM(PAKISTAN Time)
This video is full of informative or educational content.
In this, I do technical analysis of defferent coins on which you can trade on daily
basis & earn a handsome amount of money.

3) 11:30PM(PAKISTAN Time)
This video is related to Waqar zaka’s private group. This video mainly covers market
update daily which is very helpful for beginners.

_____________/IMPORTANT LINKS_____________
If You want to make an account on the mexc exchange click below this
link to get bonus & discount on trading fees
Link➤ https://bit.ly/3AM6H0c

_____________/FREE TRADING SIGNALS_____________
Discord Group➤ https://bit.ly/3TGYXF8
Telegram Group➤ https://bit.ly/3epWdfr
Facebook, Whatsapp, premium Gorup, Insta Link
Link➤ https://bit.ly/3pzWPkY

_____________/IMPORTANT VIDEOS_____________
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comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright
statute that might otherwise be infringing.”

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