First Week at My New *full time* Job

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This week was my first week at my new job! I work remotely as a content creator/ social media marketer for a property management software company. This is my first full time job as ive been self employed my entire life. This week was mainly training and get to know you calls/ meetings. So far I really enjoy it but watch the video the hear me talk about it!

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Insta: sydfrances
Twitter: sydmcgee_
tiktok: sydfrances

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how old are you? 21
when do you post? as often as I can
what camera do you use? canon eos rp & canon m50
what do you edit on? final cut pro

love you bye


  1. I think I’ve followed you since you were 16 and you had your Honda.. we are the same age but watching you grow into this whole different person than I thought you would grow into has been amazing. Thank you for showing us a lot of your life and even the hard moments. Your vlogs always helped me relax and laugh in high school.

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