Facebook Changed Their Name To Meta – Short for Metaverse | Why Did They Really Change Their Name?


Facebook Just announced that they have changed their name to Meta. How do you feel about the new name?

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Link to article – https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/28/facebook-changes-company-name-to-meta.html



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  1. They are changing their corporate name to Meta. They are leaving the Facebook social network named Facebook. So nothing really changes for users of Facebook.

  2. So they announced they're going to continue doing what they have already said they're doing but with a different name. Sounds like a Wall Street move to boost stock prices. Suddenly, Zuch is worth a couple more Billion…. what a genius. Wonder who will own Meta this time next year. This makes my brain hurt. Thanks for the great info Triplem, it's appreciated.

  3. Better yet, what's the benefit for users. Being that nowadays, they are eroding the fabric of privacy for what they consider the greater good. More problems will result, guaranteed for privacy. These guys don't have any good intentions. Time will truly tell. I .not a content creators, so my view is free of any tentacles.

  4. When a company name is branded with negative images they rename themselves not only to change the image ie.; Comcast to Xfinity but it also gives them a chance to expand the company structure.

  5. This is no different then Google changing the name of the overall company to Alphabet. Name changes like this take months to pull together so I would expect that this has been in the works for a long time before the current issues and is not related.

  6. I assume they changed their name so they can appeal to younger people as teens/younger people associate the Facebook name with old/middle age people and typically don't go on there as much because of all the trash/fake posts people do just to get likes. Like the ones which say 1 like = $1 donated to this poor starving child. The whole Facebook data leak proves the declining numbers in teens/younger people and they are expecting to lose almost 45% of the age group within the coming years unless they change something.

  7. Zuck is trying to branch out and distance himself from Facebook due to unethical practices. Facebook will be the new Myspace in a year or two. 🤔😉

  8. Will the name change stop them from censoring opposing views and silently encouraging teenage girls to commit suicide for the sake of ad profits? If the answer is no then what's the point?

  9. Well in my opinion Facebook was a joke then no matter how they change their name or what they do they’re still going to be a big joke but that’s my opinion

  10. Awesome video brother. Thanks for sharing. Keep the content coming. Hope you have an incredible night. Much love and RESPECT brother

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