EOS Price Prediction 2022 | EOS Crypto News Today | EOS Technical Analysis

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EOS Price Prediction 2022 | EOS Crypto News Today | EOS Technical Analysis

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EOS, the native cryptocurrency token of the EOS blockchain architecture, underperformed in 2021 after failing to capitalize on the increase that followed parent company Block.one’s $10 Million fundraising round. Following repeated market-wide collapses, EOS continued to fall precipitously into 2022, reaching a three-year low of $0.82 on June 18th.
The coin is currently (as of 8th July) trading at $1.01, significantly below its initial launch price. Is the coin destined for another bull run, or will it fade as the rest of the asset space matures?

🕒 Timestamps 🕒
00:00 Introduction
00:46 What is EOS?
02:41 From the EOS Whitepaper
03:50 EOS Price History
06:00 What Are the Analysts Saying?
07:41 Final Thought

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