English Speaking Part Time Jobs In Paris, France

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In this video, you will see the best 5 English speaking part-time jobs in Paris, France.
part-time jobs for international students in Paris, France.
part-time jobs for Indian students in Paris, France
How to find English speaking part-time jobs in France
How to apply for English speaking jobs in France
English speaking jobs for students
part time job opportunity for an International student in Paris, France.

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  1. Speaking agency – https://www.speaking-agency.com/jobs/en/english-speaking-jobs-paris-france

  2. RGIS – https://rgis-job.rgiseu.com/

  3. McDonald’s – https://www.mcdonalds-recrute.fr/

Book Accommodation – https://amberstudent.com/places/leads?utm_source=jaimin-raval&utm_campaign=partner

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  1. Bro I have asylum here in france but I did not have permission for doing work is there any office that gave me permission for doing work with asylum paper? If have so which and how I gate it?

  2. Do you think having a legal status and an intermediate level of french could I get a job? Or is it so hard to find a job as a foreigner even before the pandemic?

  3. Thank you bro for the last 2 rply
    I have one more question plz don't ignore and rply it too.

    How hard are the exams in France .

    Is it hard to pass the exams or easy

    Plz bro

  4. This is my first time of hearing that a restaurant won't pay up to the minimum wage. That's not good. Also no legal contract document is not good too. During the Covid19 lockdown in France, restaurants were closed for about 2.5 months. Those who didn't have a contact most likely didn't get paid while those with valid contracts got paid even without going to work.
    Having a contract is always better than not having any. If you can get a job with a contract, that's better.

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