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Hey E.T Fam! I’m coming to you all today to bring you an update on the developments in the market and hopefully quell some of those fears. I’m sure that you all don’t need for me to tell you how much fear is in the market at this time. However, the market looks like it might be starting to bottom out. While this is occurring, it’s important to peel back the layers to see what you can find. A brief look at the on chain metrics will tell you that while BTC prices might be in the red, whale accumulation is still occurring.

Though things might be looking bleak for fungible tokens, NFTs are still experiencing bullish momentum. Konami celebrated Castlevania’s 35th birthday by releasing NFTs. Samsung is strengthening its exposure to NFTs and the metaverse. A few days ago, it was announced that there would be NFT support within their 2022 TVs. Yesterday, news was released that they will be opening their flagship store in Decentraland.

Today, it was announced that Disney will be building its own metaverse. This is playing perfectly into our thesis. We’ve been beating the drum on gaming and the metaverse. Now, we are seeing proof that those two sectors are huge catalysts that will keep crypto alive and thriving. It will take an extreme amount of dedication and focus to succeed. The days of stumbling into 10x gains are rapidly drying up. In times of turmoil, the most important thing is survival.

So, if you all are interested in seeing how I’m managing my positions, be sure to tune in.

00:00 – Intro
00:42 – Krown TA on Harmony One
01:52 – Markets red
02:42 – The emotionnals will be punished
04:03 – Zhu Su on current market
06:46 – Attention BTC hodlers
08:33 – 2022 : Year of the decoupling?
10:50 – Ansem @blknoiz06
12:05 – Disney launching its own metaverse
13:08 – WeChat
15:43 – Worldwide Webb thriving
18:53 – Outro

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