Crypto hits the runway at Metaverse Fashion Week


More than 70 fashion brands and designers including Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY and Tommy Hilfiger are participating in the Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) in which web avatars are being sent down the digital runway decked out in e-couture.
The event is being hosted by 3D virtual platform, Decentraland and is running from Thursday (March 24) through Sunday (March 27).
It is of a piece with other arrivals for the fashion world in the crypto space, including the Meta Gala and the Crypto Fashion Week.
Featured outfits are often being paired with real-life ones. Payments are taking place on the Boson Protocol direct commerce platform.
“The premise…,” explained Jeffrey Berk, the managing director of Prive Porter, starts with someone “buying a pair of jeans that they could put on their avatar. But they also get a similar pair that they redeem in the physical life.”
The early shows and displays at the MVFW have showcased the creative depth of participating designers. At an early show, D&G avatars were decked out in monochromatic one-pieces featuring feline headgear and wing sets. DressX’s avatars donned hologram-based outfits.
But while digital fashion is allowing designers to push creative boundaries, the event and the crypto clothing space it represents in fact has a democratizing effect on fashion, according to Decentraland’s community founder.
“For a lot of users, it’s their first NFT experience,” Decentraland’s Samuel Hamlton said, referring to Non-Fungible Tokens. “They come in essentially, and they don’t even necessarily need a wallet, they come in as a guest. And then they see people wearing funky clothes and they’re dressed in like the basic wearables and they’re like, ‘Hey, I want some of that.'”
And while high-end fashion in the analog world is characterized by often unreachable prices, digital fashion has a different marketplace.
“You don’t have to have any money because there’s so many wearables, giveaways,” Hamilton added.
Many of the participating fashion houses are offering various tiers for their fashion that includes the free “wearables.”
Participating designers see the event as fitting a world growing ever more remote.
“We’ve all seen the videos of people in their boxers and dress shirts and jackets on,” said Evangelo Bousis, the co-founder and image director of DUNDAS. “At some point you’ll say, ‘OK, well, I have a Zoom and I don’t want to get dressed up… Let’s go into our digital closet and get a digital outfit that we can wear for this Zoom.'”


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