Cosmos NFTs, NFT Art, NFT Gaming & Metaverse!! | Crypto Trends in 2022 2025!!


00:00 NFTs: Crypto & Cosmos Trend 2022-2025
03:37 Crypto NFTs vs Traditional Sectors
06:00 NFT Gaming Potential
07:55 Cross-Chain NFTs
10:04 NFTs on Cosmos
13:53 NFTs & Ownership
16:28 NFT Thesis Summary

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  1. You are going to make me Rich my Cosmos holdings need some diversity. The only people I will take advice from are those who knew about Atom

  2. im SUPER bullish on cosmos/luna/juno ecosystems , thinking about what ill do with my STARS airdro. what will you do with it??

  3. Phantasma is the only crypto project that has cross chain NFTs that I know of . Gaming and NFTs have been their focus for years . Not shilling but just saying there is also a project working on exactly what your mentioning

  4. I like/love Galactic Punks on Terra ecosystem; the first and most promising nft project; I like the Dao aspect of project; investments they make and how the community is active and development of project; soon i assume owning GP will earn you a passive income; Definitely worth exploring and getting to know it.

  5. I also think gaming NFTs will be a massive market. I missed out on the first batch of Strange Clan NFTs. Hoping to get in on the next batch.

  6. Recently found you and love the videos and information! Personally I think NFTs will need game development to catch up before we see mainstream adoption, but in the immediate future I think LP-farming is going to explode. Retail investors are going to jump at the chance of 160%+ APR, it doesn't have any negative stigma surrounding it and it really feels like OSMO is a hidden gem despite recently hitting top 100 tokens in market cap.

    Really love your videos, and I don't know if I'm missing something but perhaps you could make a video on how to go from having plain ol' cash/fiat to bonding in a OSMO LP?

    I keep shilling OSMO to all my friends but then I have to run them through how to do everything myself. It would be great if there was an up-to-date video that helped guide new people to OSMO's LPs.

    Thanks again for the information and insight, love this channel 🙂

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