Career + jobs after Part time Language Course | 2021 | Delhi University

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People are losing their jobs because of coronavirus, but these are some of the career options you can consider before deciding on one.

My personal experience with DU :
Admission Process for Part time Language Course in DU :

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Questions people asked me on Instagram:
How can we get a job after learning a language?
What is the scope of learning a language?
When can we apply for jobs after part time language course?
Can we apply for jobs after certificate?
What are the best career options after learning a language?
What is freelancing?
How to become a Freelancer after a part-time language course?

Things covered:
Jobs after a language
Career after a language
Freelancing after learning a language

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  1. Finally!! I've got someoe who have knowledge about french language😍😅So uh have given so many information but I would like to know more about embassy jobs and freelancing. Please make a detailed video on the same.
    Thank you😘

  2. Your efforts are really priceless Thankyou so much mam❤also plz tell your work experience in corporate companies. Like how we have to prepare ourselves for getting job and what you are currently doing. Plz make a video on this mam 🙏🙏it will really gonna help many of us.

  3. Mam, IGNOU se diploma in foreign language ya B.A hons. in foreign language hota hai kya agr hota hota h IGNOU se Krna better hoga ya phir offline University hi better hoga. mam kyunki mere liye college Jana possible nhi h but foreign language ka course Krna chahti hu

  4. Hi mam, I'm pursing by B.COM Hons by SOL and I wanted to learn French can i learn from YouTube or I should go with a Institute or Du 🙄🙄🙄

  5. Hey loved your video!❤️
    Btw I am in a dilemma about the colleges of du that from which college should i pursue Spanish as you chose to study french from bharti college, I'm thinking to pursue from st. stephens is there some kind of difference? why did you choose bharti college over ramjas or st. stephens??

  6. Mam is it necessary to complete the advanced diploma in language🤔 for free lancing job? or we can do it just after 2yrs…having certificate, diploma for it.

  7. Dear maam you have really done a good research and has deliverd the information properly, can you be more specific like which company and which domain can a foreign launguage speaker can work

  8. Di,I want to get admission in part time language course, but I haven't registered in any college.Will you please tell me can I apply this year?

  9. I'm doing eng hons from dusol and filled forms for part time lang course german hopefully I'll get admsn. Is that a good option? Bcz i after 12th i changed my stream from commerce to arts and now I'm doubtful pls REPLY ASAPP

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