Can you pay your University fees in Netherlands ? | Part-Time job | Indian student | see what i see

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#amsterdam #parttimejob #indianstudentinamsterdam
This video is about part-time jobs and paying your tuition fees.
can you pay your fees ? is it easy or not?
Let’s see.

Topics :
1. part-time and full-time rights
2. categories of part-time jobs
3. bruto and actual payments
4. taxes
5. comparison wrt your tuition fees

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see what I see
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  1. Hi bro,great content.Can please let me know what is the scope of an getting a job as environmental engineer or in the very field with an experience of 5 years.????…just reply me even it is your opinion and not a real time case u seen.

  2. Hey bro! Can you tell me how much money you can make with uber eats per week or in 40hrs(amsterdam)? I don't undesrtand and that's why a i ask you here. Thanks!! <3

  3. Can students work for uber eats still because in your previous video you had mention that now students can't work for uber eats because it's self employed job type ..

  4. Hi Bro, Loved your videos.
    Could you pls tell me from where I can find a studio apartment like yours? any source/help would be highly appreciated

  5. Hello brother mujy Uber account open krna hai usay Kay ley account open krna hota hai us Kay ley appointment leyna hota hai o kis website say leya jatha hai

  6. What's the minimum salary in Netherlands for a basic easy job ?
    As I'm planning to do my MBA there, I would like to know the expenses and how much will I earn, please help ❤️🙏

  7. Hello bro
    I will apply to amsterdam university of the arts, in Amsterdam electronic music academy
    Fees : 4 to 5k euro for 2 years
    Duration : 2years
    Associate degree
    Can I easily survive in Amsterdam?

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