Bitcoin will pump to 24k ? crypto news latest today (hindi/urdu)

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Hello and salaam. Dear YouTube family, I’m here to share with you the most recent information on the cryptocurrency market, including predictions for the prices of various currencies like rune, avax, zil, ecash, and zcash as well as SIGNALS that you can use to generate passive income.
We also explain to you how to trade cryptocurrencies for a daily income and how to work from home. We are not your financial advisor, so please be aware of that. Please only invest based on your own research and judgement.
We will inform you of the situation with Bitcoin and Ethereum in the upcoming 12 hours. Additionally, we shall explain how candles function. The most crucial component is the market capitalization scale. U must adhere to these 3 requirements:
Capitalization comes first, followed by a candle chart, and then a technical analysis of bitcoin.
I provide you with daily cryptocurrency news and the most recent industry updates.
To make things easier for our Pakistani community, all the information is provided in both Urdu and Hindi. Even for our cherished expatriate Pakistanis who reside in Europe, the USA, or other countries.

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