Bitcoin News in hindi! crypto BTC update बिटकॉइन PM modi govt Latest news headlines today Hindi

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Bitcoin News in hindi! crypto BTC update बिटकॉइन PM modi govt Latest news headlines today Hindi.

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So far you have heard that crypto currency is not afraid to be stolen. But hackers have lent 19 crores to the betoken trading platform coinsecure. The company has informed about the theft of 438 bitcoins, which cost around Rs 19 crores. It is stolen from cryptocycenie bitoke wallet. Mohit Kalra, CEO of the company, told that he suspects that a man inside the company is behind the theft. This is being said to be the biggest case of theft of cryptokol.

Filed a case under IT Act
Officials of Cyber ​​Cell of Delhi Police said about the theft of cryptokrissi, that a cryptoCurrency firm named coinsecure told them about this theft. A case has been registered under section 66 of the IT Act along with several sections of IPC regarding this theft. Let us tell you that there are more than 2 million users in the country of Quincycure. The company told the police that the information about the theft occurred at the time when all the wallet was being checked.

2 million users of coinsecure
coinsecure has more than 2 million users throughout the country. In the investigation the company came to know that all the bitcoins that were kept offline were missing. Later it was also known that the Wallet Keys of the private key have been leaked online. coinsecure tried to track hackers but the data log that was stolen from the wallet was erased. For this reason, there was no clue about the transfer of bitcoine.

On behalf of coinsecure, on Thursday, users were given information about hacking by posting a message to the website. Police told that the company’s servers have been seized to get information about hacking. Police also said that it is also being investigated whether Wallets has also been affected by it. Many senior officials of the company have been called for questioning.

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