🔥Hardship in Part Time Job|എന്റെ അതി സാഹസിക യാത്ര |North vancouver |Surrey|canada malayalam

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  1. Country is awesome, but the salary to cope up with the expense is a concern. For talents opportunities are wide across the globe. So dreaming big and do a self analysis is better before when you reach a conclusion.

  2. Survival of the fittest. I had been Abbotsford and Vancouver town. Stayed at Sheraton Down town. The night extreme sound of Police siron ambulances, couldn't sleep. The reality came to know, the drugs and crimes, Gangs operations in BC. In Abbotsford, 1914, Sick communities after 1st world war landed through British masters. 3rd, 4th Generation lot of crimes get involved. By the way tourism and migration is the main revenue for Canada. You have done your migration from middle East, source of fund hard working income of Umma and Bappa. The reality, Canada wanted such funds to develop their country.

  3. Chechy njanum spousum orumich visa vachu last November 2020
    But no ppr no visa yet
    Already completed one semester online
    Ipol joint visa approval undo

  4. Aarkumm tholkathe…. Payum sooriyane…sathyam katheedum… Kaval kaapavane..Chechi mass⚡️ lots of love from thrissur💖💞

  5. Hi chechi.chechi PR eduthuo.atho chetananuo PR eduthad.hus first PR eduthal pnn wife( student) n edukenda aavashym nduo..pls rply

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